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(By James Watson) When the heat of August starts to fade and the memories of warm summer nights begin to be forgotten, water temperatures start to slowly dip down the mercury gauge. The world of a fish, in its underwater habitat, is changing.

The majority of fish are moving from their summer locations, usually deeper water, to flatter, shallower banks in search of food in preparation for the upcoming winter. As temperatures continue to drop into late fall, those fish will eventually make their way back to deeper water and start associating with steeper banks throughout the winter.

This process is a never-ending, circular cycle and the time frame when it happens depends on the weather patterns. Polar vortexes (Read Rest of Article click here)




For many, the thought of fishing brings images of a still spring morning with songbirds chirping and a light ripple on the water. The serene tranquility of the moment broken up only by the steady rhythm of an angler using a baitcasting reel to methodically chuck and wind a lure out into a likely looking spot.

If that’s your mental picture of bass fishing, then you obviously haven’t met James Watson, professional angler, but you should because the Waynesville, Mo., pro is the only MLF angler out there that has his own bodyguard and dates only super models. He also has wrestled a giraffe to the ground with his bare hands and has toured with the American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. Oh yeah, and Watson is also Ish Monroe’s twin brother.

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