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Premium rod manufacturer Waft Fishing has announced FLW professional James Watson has joined their pro-staff. Watson is a five-year veteran of the FLW tour. He had a third place finish at the FLW Okeechobee event this year using Waft Fishing rods.

Waft rods are made from high performance carbon fiber blanks manufactured in Japan. They feature high-ton carbon that is combined with their unique curing process and a carbon wrap structure. Along with other trade secrets this creates a super light, highly sensitive but very strong rod. Founded out of South Africa, Waft Fishing brings these amazing rods to the America fishing market.

Waft Fishing’s Dan Mathisen says, “We are excited about James joining our team and helping us to promote the rods in the US. We appreciate James being pro-active about introducing them to other anglers.”

Watson of Waynesville, MO has been using Waft rods for over a year. “I love my Waft Rods. These high performance carbon fiber rods are bullet proof. They are hard to break but super light-weight and sensitive.” said Watson “I have the 7 foot 10 inch Iron Feather Bass series which I have been using for quite some time. This is the rod I used when I got third place on Okeechobee. It helped pull seven pounders out of the grass.”

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