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St. Paul, MN – Swagger Tackle Company is excited to announce their partnership with FLW Tour pro James Watson.

Travis Nadeau started Swagger Tackle because he was sick of paying $9 for a sinker that he knew he would lose out on the water. Through networking he was able to find a way to supply the public with a Tungsten sinker that won’t hurt the wallet. Nadeau says he is thrilled Watson has joined forces with him because he is a perfect fit for the company. He also mentions, “James is a stand up dude who enjoys having a little fun and doing the right thing, and that is what we are all about. We look forward to many more years with James!”

James Watson, FLW Tour Pro, Bassmaster Classic contender and FLW Invitational champion is enthusiastic on joining the Swagger team. “The affordability of these sinkers sold me!” says Watson. He adds that he enjoys promoting products that the everyday angler can use.

Both Watson and Nadeau cannot wait for the tour season to get started so they start adding some Swagger to every anglers tackle box.

Swagger Tackle is about offering a premium product for all anglers to enjoy without sacrificing quality and with fast shipping so you can spend more time on the water! Be sure to check out more about Swagger Tackle on swaggertackle.com, Facebook (Swagger Tackle) and Intagram (@swaggertackle).

And check out James Watson Professional Angler on Facebook (James Watson Professional Angler), Twitter (@jameswatsonfish and Instagram (@therealjameswatson).


Nixa, MO – Cal Coast Fishing has partnered with FLW Tour Pro James Watson to promote their line of tackle management products.

Cal Coast is a Southern California based company offering two products that protect baits from damage while not in use. Those products consist of ‘The Bait Sack’, which is a premium lure protector, and the ‘Cali Clip’, which secures lures to fishing rods when not in use. These products are now available exclusively online

David Romanus, Cal Coast Fishing CEO is excited for James to join the team. He believes with James’ outgoing personality and genuine use of Cal Coast products, he will be able to share with bass anglers worldwide how The Bait Sack and Cali Clip are beneficial to every angler.

James Watson, FLW Tour Pro declares, “Cal Coast products are really cool! They keep my boat organized and my baits comfortable.”

James also mentions that Cal Coast products help keep his rods and baits tangle free allowing easy access during those high pressure moments on the water. The Cal Coast Fishing goal is to provide quality, easy to use products that enhance the fishing experience for every angler at any level. Which is why James is excited to join the team of anglers that are also helping to promote such great products.

Cal Coast products are affordable for every angler. For more information on Cal Coast Fishing’s Bait Sack and Cali Clip products please visit calcoastfishing.com.

Got Social? Check out James Watson Professional Angler and Cal Coast Fishing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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