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US Angling announced today that James Watson, of Lampe, Missouri, will be a member of the 2017 USA Bass team.

State College, PA July 13, 2017 – US Angling will send a talent laden team to South Africa to compete on the Vaal River, October 2-8, 2017. The USA Bass team will represent the United States at the Bass World Championship competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The event is sanctioned by the Confederation Internationale de Peche Sportive (CIPS), which represents 50 million competitive anglers worldwide from 78 different countries.

“I’ve never fished in Africa” said Watson, “But I can’t wait to get there and experience the World Championship”.

James Watson grew up in Miller, Missouri and now resides in Lampe, Missouri. Shortly after graduating high school Watson enlisted as a soldier in the U.S. Army. He quickly established himself as an exceptional leader and was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. His favorite time while in the Army was the two years spent as a Basie Combat Training Drill Sergeant. He was honorably discharged in 2001 and went to work as a real estate sales agent. He opened a Realty Executive franchise and has seen great success in the industry with over a $100 million in residential home sales. Watson started fishing the FLW Tour as a co-angler in 2009 and earned a trip to the 2009 Forrest Wood Cup. In 2010, Watson made the move to the front of the boat while juggling his business and professional fishing. Soon after he retired from Realty Executives and became a full time touring professional. Watson has made two Forrest Wood Cup appearances and has one FLW Tour win.

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Tony Forte

Canton, MI – The O-Wacky ® Tool has just announced their partnership with James Watson, Professional Bass Angler.

The O-Wacky Tool is designed to help any angler quickly and easily rig soft plastic baits in a multitude of ways. One of the most popular ways is called “wacky style” where a hook is placed through the middle of a soft plastic stick bait. When cast out on a slack line, it allows the bait to sink slowly and horizontally mimicking a dying baitfish. To use the O-Wacky ® Tool simply slide an O-ring over the center of the stick bait and thread the hook into the O-ring. This gives the bait more action, prevents the hook from tearing the soft plastic and allows up to 7 times longer bait life.

James Watson is an FLW Tour Pro and Bassmaster Classic contender. He has won PAA events, Bassmaster Opens as well as FLW Tour and FLW Invitational tournaments. Watson says that he is thrilled to join a team that follows the same set of values he does, including providing an affordable product that every angler can use. James says of the O-Wacky® Tool, “It’s a simple multiuse tool that should be in everyone’s tackle box. I am excited to work with the team to spread the word.”

The Fishing Complete, Inc. Management Team is very proud of the new sponsorship agreement with James Watson.  Tom Taylor, owner of Fishing Complete Inc. comments on the company’s new partnership: “After sixteen years of business with steady growth each year we are ready to take our business to the next level. We are confident James will help us do so. Welcome to the team James!”

Be sure to join James Watson on Facebook (James Watson Professional Angler), Twitter (@jameswatsonfish) and Instagram (@therealjameswatson) for a “How To” on the O-Wacky ® Tool!
And for more on the O-Wacky ® Tool check out www.O-WackyTool.com


St. Paul, MN – Swagger Tackle Company is excited to announce their partnership with FLW Tour pro James Watson.

Travis Nadeau started Swagger Tackle because he was sick of paying $9 for a sinker that he knew he would lose out on the water. Through networking he was able to find a way to supply the public with a Tungsten sinker that won’t hurt the wallet. Nadeau says he is thrilled Watson has joined forces with him because he is a perfect fit for the company. He also mentions, “James is a stand up dude who enjoys having a little fun and doing the right thing, and that is what we are all about. We look forward to many more years with James!”

James Watson, FLW Tour Pro, Bassmaster Classic contender and FLW Invitational champion is enthusiastic on joining the Swagger team. “The affordability of these sinkers sold me!” says Watson. He adds that he enjoys promoting products that the everyday angler can use.

Both Watson and Nadeau cannot wait for the tour season to get started so they start adding some Swagger to every anglers tackle box.

Swagger Tackle is about offering a premium product for all anglers to enjoy without sacrificing quality and with fast shipping so you can spend more time on the water! Be sure to check out more about Swagger Tackle on swaggertackle.com, Facebook (Swagger Tackle) and Intagram (@swaggertackle).

And check out James Watson Professional Angler on Facebook (James Watson Professional Angler), Twitter (@jameswatsonfish and Instagram (@therealjameswatson).

Photo: FLW

RICHMOND, Calif., Oct. 24, 2016 – After joining the River2Sea pro team last month, James Watson of Nixa, Mo., quickly put the brand’s baits to work, earning his first FLW Tour victory on Norris Lake in Clinton, Tenn. with two of his favorite River2Sea topwater lures on the end of his line.

The FLW Tour win marks the third major championship title that Watson has collected in his career. Notably, this win comes in the fall as did both of his previous victories – PAA (Table Rock, Sept 2013) and B.A.S.S Central Open (Table Rock, October 2015).

Watson relied on a topwater pattern, throwing the River2Sea Whopper Plopper and Bubble Walker for the majority of his tournament-winning total of 36-10.

“Norris is well-known for the Spook bite,” said Watson. “I wanted to give the fish a loud, splashy version of that and that is what the Bubble Walker is. If you’re on a strong walking, topwater lake, like I was, the Bubble Walker needs to be added to your arsenal. I know that I am glad that I added it to mine. I caught two of my fish on the 128 size in Powder.”

Eight of Watson’s bass were credited to the Plopper. He threw it in Loon and Perch color patterns.

“The lake’s conditions dictated the Whopper Plopper, as they have for me for the last few years,” he said. “The bass in Norris acted like they had never seen it before.”

Watson cashed in on event winnings that surpassed $95,000 and guaranteed the FLW Tour pro a berth to the 2017 Forrest Wood Cup.

“We are very excited to be a part of James’ success,” said Angelo Alorro River2Sea National Sales Manager. “We started calling him Mr. October, since it is his second October in a row with a major tournament win.”

“I love the fact that I’ve already punched my ticket for next year’s Forrest Wood Cup and I couldn’t have done it without these fine River2Sea products,” added Watson. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice angler or a tournament bass fishermen, if you don’t own these two baits in multiple colors, you are shortchanging yourself. They just catch more fish – period.”

River2Sea USA manufactures products for both fresh and saltwater application. The product line features the highest quality materials and workmanship available. From the surface to the bottom, and in the tackle stores they make lures that produce results; from River2Sea. For more on River2Sea, visit River2Sea.com.


Nixa, MO – Cal Coast Fishing has partnered with FLW Tour Pro James Watson to promote their line of tackle management products.

Cal Coast is a Southern California based company offering two products that protect baits from damage while not in use. Those products consist of ‘The Bait Sack’, which is a premium lure protector, and the ‘Cali Clip’, which secures lures to fishing rods when not in use. These products are now available exclusively online

David Romanus, Cal Coast Fishing CEO is excited for James to join the team. He believes with James’ outgoing personality and genuine use of Cal Coast products, he will be able to share with bass anglers worldwide how The Bait Sack and Cali Clip are beneficial to every angler.

James Watson, FLW Tour Pro declares, “Cal Coast products are really cool! They keep my boat organized and my baits comfortable.”

James also mentions that Cal Coast products help keep his rods and baits tangle free allowing easy access during those high pressure moments on the water. The Cal Coast Fishing goal is to provide quality, easy to use products that enhance the fishing experience for every angler at any level. Which is why James is excited to join the team of anglers that are also helping to promote such great products.

Cal Coast products are affordable for every angler. For more information on Cal Coast Fishing’s Bait Sack and Cali Clip products please visit calcoastfishing.com.

Got Social? Check out James Watson Professional Angler and Cal Coast Fishing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

James Watson Introduces Watson4Win.com A Contest for Classic Fans

Contest Offers Cash and Prizes to Fans Who Follow Classic Competitor
Nixa, Mo. – February 4, 2016 – Missouri pro James Watson, a 2016 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, is giving fans the chance to win up to $100,000 in cash and prizes.
If Watson wins the 2016 Bassmaster Classic on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees AND an entrant guesses his exact winning weight, that person will win up to $100,000 in cash and prizes, with one of the prizes being a fully loaded Ranger Boat.
“I’m excited to be fishing my first Bassmaster Classic,” said Watson. “To celebrate, I want to give the fans a chance to experience that excitement of the event – especially if I win.”
He has put together a group of his sponsors that will provide the prizes for his Watson4Win Contest.
“I’ve teamed up with my great sponsors to give a lucky fan the chance to win $100,000 in cash and prizes,” he said. “I feel this gives people out there who haven’t been able to experience the Bassmaster Classic a reason to be a fan; even if it is just for the weekend.”
Watson is known for his out of the box thinking and has created a name for himself on the professional circuit with his humor and his ability to catch fish. He qualified for his first Bassmaster Classic by winning the B.A.S.S. Central Open on Table Rock last fall.
Watson has a history on Grand Lake. The Grand River Dam Authority impoundment is only a few hours from his home lake of Table Rock, and as such, Watson is sure to be considered one of the favorites.
About the venue and the event, Watson said he is looking forward to it. “I love Grand Lake, and I love that my first Classic appearance will be on a lake that I am so familiar with,” he said. “But I also realize the difficulty in how it can fish in March and fishing against the greatest anglers in the world. There is no telling what the conditions will be. It could be cold and muddy with a chance of snow or if we get lucky, there could be a warming trend and that could bring the fish shallow. There are a lot of things that could happen, and when you put the best anglers in the world on it; we’ll just have to see what happens.”
“I wouldn’t have a chance to be in this tournament if it wasn’t for great partners,” he said. “And an extra special thanks to Ranger Boats and my other sponsors for supporting me, and stepping up for the fans with this contest.”
There is no purchase necessary. Go to Watson4win.com to sign up and for official rules.
Watson4win.com is brought to through a great partnership of these fine sponsors: Ranger Boats, Luck-E-Strike, Bass Pro Shops, Simms Fishing, Maxima Fishing Line, TH Marine, and Uranus Fudge Factory.
Below is a graphic that you can share on your media platforms and social media outlets. Please link to http://www.watson4win.com



Watson FB post

Watson’s victory on Table Rock secures a berth for him in the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.

OCT 3, 2015
 Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.01.16 PM

BRANSON, Mo. — Missouri pro James Watson can definitely relate to one of the late great Yogi Berra’s quotes after winning the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open presented by Allstate Saturday at Table Rock Lake.

It was definitely “déjà vu all over again” for Watson, who used a topwater pattern to win a Professional Angler Association (PAA) tournament on his home waters……Read More


Let’s talk flood conditions. With much of the mid-south receiving record-breaking rainfall in May, a lot of reservoirs are flooded. Lots of guys just throw up their hands. But you can still catch fish when the water is under the back-porches, and one great way is flipping flooded bushes and willows. Most places, like my home lake Table Rock, “bushes” are different from “willows,” though both hold bass, often at different times.

IMG_2225 copyFor example, today we were out on the Rock, and you couldn’t buy a bite on a willow, but they were on the bushes. Bushes are typically short, gnarly, twiggy shrubs, where willows are bigger and have longer leaves and more supple branches– they’re more like trees. When you’re fishing shallow, clear water with thick cover like this, there are some things you can do to up your odds.

First, because the water is so very clear, you want to use a heavy bullet weight, like a ½ oz. Bass Pro XPS tungsten. That seems heavy for shallow fishing, but you don’t want the fish to get a good look at the bait– you want them to think its getting away. If it goes by them fast, they have to decide whether to eat it or not without getting a good look at it. In wood cover like this, I like 20-25 lb. Maxima fluorocarbon line. If it were grass like I’m going to see at Chickamauga next week, then braid would be better, but braid and wood don’t get along real well. For baits, today the ticket was the Lucky Strike Ringmaster, but in general beaver type baits and creatures are good choices. As far as where to throw it, you want to flip that sucker into the thickest part of the bush, right in the middle where the root wad is. That’s where those fish will often be during the day in flood conditions.

Once you start catching them, you can refine from there. There will likely be a pattern– shallow willows will be better, or deep ones. They’ll be on the bushes on points or in the backs of pockets. Pay attention when you catch one. Today they were in the thickest bushes in the backs of pockets, tomorrow they may move to willows on the outside of points. They’ll tend to be on the outsides when the water is falling, inside when it’s rising, but that’s just a starting place.

So go string up that flippin’ stick with some stout fluorocarbon and start experimenting– if they’re on bushes and willows, it won’t take long to figure it out and refine your pattern, and you could be on your way to a winning sack!

Chickamauga Tournament Preview Blog

I’m heading out on Saturday to Tennessee to fish the FLW tour event on Chickamauga. Though it’s been a completely disastrous year, I’m hoping to turn it around this week. Chickamauga is a grassy lake, with big fish in it, so I’ll be spooling up with heavy Maxima braid– 65 lb. It’s the best braid on the market because it’s really supple and uncoated, so it’s quiet going through the guides and casts a doggone mile. Braid is great on grassy lakes because it cuts through so you don’t get the big wads of grass clogging up your line when you catch a fish like with mono or fluoro.

With water temps in the mid 70s, if I’m lucky, I’ll be catching some monsters on a swim-jig and a frog. I’ll be looking for pockets with isolated grass to throw them around. I like Bobby Lane’s Perfect Frog and the Snag Proof Ish’s Phat Frog. For the swim jig I like a Strike King.

If that doesn’t work out, I’ll also be fishing boat docks. I’ll look for strings of them so I can be efficient with my time. Around these, I’ll probably throw the War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig in a brown color. I’ll use the frog here too, and I’ll skip it under the docks. That can be a tricky thing to do with a baitcaster. Here’s how I do it:
1. Start with a roll cast, let your frog spin around your rod tip until it’s travelling on plane with the water, then let it go. It needs to be pretty close to the water when you let it go, or it won’t skip right.
2. You want the frog to hit the water out in between you and the target you want to go under, and resist the urge to stop it there. Let it hit and if you have it on the right plane, it will keep bouncing just like a flat rock, right back up under there.
3. It’s easy to get a hellacious backlash doing this, and it takes a trained thumb, so you’ll have to practice exactly when to feather the spool as the bait skips across the water, but if you learn to do this right, you can get that frog WAY back there. A frog is a great bait to learn this with, because its light and floats and it likes to skip.

When the tour visited this lake back in 2013, it took over 100 pounds to win, so it can be a really great lake. I placed in the money and it was a pretty good tournament. Hopefully, this year will be even better. After Chickamauga, we go to the Potomac in Maryland where I hope to end the year strong.