Story by Russ Bassdozer

PAA and FLW Tour pro James Watson of Waynesville, Missouri has amped up his approach, his determination to succeed and his confidence in fishing this year – which paid off big for him. Please join us in congratulating James on his first-ever qualification for the FLW Forrest Wood Cup championship after four years competing on the FLW Tour. Watson finished 23rd in the FLW AOY points race and he’s also had a commendable 4th place finish in the 2nd PAA Tournament Series event at Fort Loudon/Tellico Lakes in May. With two more PAA Tournament Series events still to come for 2013, we look for James to finish 2013 strong on the PAA side too.

Why is Watson fishing better this year? Because he’s following a self-made six point plan that he believes can help any angler improve their game.

For years, all we’ve ever really heard are vague things like:

  • Spending time on the water
  • Having instant access to search online tournament location information
  • Having GPS coordinates
  • Making all the right decisions
  • Not losing any fish
  • Having a good practice
  • Not practicing, fishing only the moment
  • Going with your gut

Unfortunately there’s just no way for an angler to use those oft-cited vagaries as a means to improve his or her own results.

Really for the first time, there is something for every angler to learn from how Watson changed to fish stronger this year. Watson’s not reinventing the wheel but he is recombining and restructuring it in a comprehensive, understandable way that has not been explained before, and that any angler can follow to improve their results like Watson improved his. Please enjoy and follow Watson’s six point improvement plan.

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